[JPL] Congratzz On Yer New Digzz - WGBH!

Peter Poses pposes at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 13 06:34:19 EDT 2007

Steve Schwartz, Eric Jackson, & WGBH Staff & Folkzz ---

	Congratzz on realizin' yer dream. Fantastic! I'm envious. WBGH is a pride
of our industry. May The Jazz resonant, billow, sound, & stream forth for
the ages to come.

	UTNG, dig, Peter L. Poses, Host of "OverNight Jazz:The Soundz Of Surprize"
from 'Round MidNight Thurzz. to 6AM Fri. on KRFC FT COLLINS (CO), "Come
Together" --- 88.9FM --- www.krfcfm.org. Poses is Associate Editor of "The
Rocky Mountain Jazz Beat", contributin' a weekly column, "The SOS" ("The
Soundz Of Surprize") for www.rockymountainjazz.com, The Jazz.com for N. CO &
The Front Range,Ned Radinsky, Publisher/Editor-In-			Chief and Jazz

				     KRFC FT COLLINS, 88.9FM
                           "HomeGrown Community Radio"
                             619 S. College Ave., #4,
				      Ft. Collins, CO 80524

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