[JPL] Hello and a major query in E-flat

Dick LaPalm dlpjazz at thegrid.net
Wed Jun 13 18:17:35 EDT 2007

Hi Linda,

 From the excellent Donald Fagen cd, "Morph The Cat", I'd say that H 
Gang, What I Do,
and The Great Pagoda of Funn would work extremely well at Jazz radio.  
The first because
of the chord changes and short tenor solo by Walt Weiskopf; the second, 
because of its
bluesy melody line and subject matter (young Fagen meets the ghost of 
Ray Charles); and
the third, because of Marvin Stamm's muted trumpet spot (and the 
shifting ensemble voicings
behind it).  Plus, a vibes part emerges behind in the latter section of 
this one. 

Just my opinion, of course.  But I've been around Jazz radio for over 
fifty years; calling on many
of its legendary broadcasters (Mort Fega, Sid McCoy, Dick Martin, Felix 
Grant, Norm Nathan),
so I consider myself a good judge of the arena, and what works.  From a 
rhythmic aspect, none is
"pure Jazz", per se, but, as Miles and Co. once limned in song, "So 
What"?  If I were in the car
at night listening to a Jazz station, or what passes for one nowadays, 
and any one of those three
selections suddenly came through the speakers, I'd be ecstatic!  
Furthermore, there are at least
two dozen Steely Dan recordings that would also work at Jazz radio, 
beginning with Parker's Band
from their "Pretzel Logic" cd, and continuing thru the title track of 
"Aja" with that staggering
Wayne Shorter solo.

Warm regards,
Dick LaPalm
The Jazz Lobbyist

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