[JPL] About the "roots" jazz chart

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Wed Jun 13 19:00:26 EDT 2007

JazzMan Mallison wrote <<< I just heard about a ROOTS JAZZ CHART. Are any of
you JPL stations reporting to that chart? Sort of a mystery to me thus far.

I rec'd the same notice you did from our mutual friend, pianist Lenore
Raphael who advised us that her latest CD is number 15 on this Roots jazz
charts. Like you I never heard of it so I visited their home page
http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/index.php   Roots Music charts many styles
of music including jazz, I saw our own Linda Yohn listed as a reporter so I
venture to guess these reports are based on tracking submitted to them and
not monitired by actual airplay like Frequency media or the Billboard BDS
chart.  Here's the company's mission statement as found on their home page.

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