[JPL] Hello and a major query in E-flat

Jeff Turton jturton at comcast.net
Wed Jun 13 19:44:59 EDT 2007

Desire Develops an Edge is one of my desert island discs


On Jun 13, 2007, at 7:13 PM, Paul Combs wrote:

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> I'll second that, Dick.  Linda, you might check out some of Kip  
> Hanrahan's CDs (if they haven't been suggested already).
> Paul Combs
> Dick LaPalm wrote:
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>> Relaunching this summer
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>> Hi Linda,
>> From the excellent Donald Fagen cd, "Morph The Cat", I'd say that  
>> H Gang, What I Do,
>> and The Great Pagoda of Funn would work extremely well at Jazz  
>> radio.  The first because
>> of the chord changes and short tenor solo by Walt Weiskopf; the  
>> second, because of its
>> bluesy melody line and subject matter (young Fagen meets the ghost  
>> of Ray Charles); and
>> the third, because of Marvin Stamm's muted trumpet spot (and the  
>> shifting ensemble voicings
>> behind it).  Plus, a vibes part emerges behind in the latter  
>> section of this one.
>> Just my opinion, of course.  But I've been around Jazz radio for  
>> over fifty years; calling on many
>> of its legendary broadcasters (Mort Fega, Sid McCoy, Dick Martin,  
>> Felix Grant, Norm Nathan),
>> so I consider myself a good judge of the arena, and what works.   
>> From a rhythmic aspect, none is
>> "pure Jazz", per se, but, as Miles and Co. once limned in song,  
>> "So What"?  If I were in the car
>> at night listening to a Jazz station, or what passes for one  
>> nowadays, and any one of those three
>> selections suddenly came through the speakers, I'd be ecstatic!   
>> Furthermore, there are at least
>> two dozen Steely Dan recordings that would also work at Jazz  
>> radio, beginning with Parker's Band
>> from their "Pretzel Logic" cd, and continuing thru the title track  
>> of "Aja" with that staggering
>> Wayne Shorter solo.
>> Warm regards,
>> Dick LaPalm
>> The Jazz Lobbyist
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