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Are you guys working by any chance with Radio Submit?
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> JazzMan Mallison wrote <<< I just heard about a ROOTS JAZZ CHART. Are any 
> of
> you JPL stations reporting to that chart? Sort of a mystery to me thus 
> far.
> I rec'd the same notice you did from our mutual friend, pianist Lenore
> Raphael who advised us that her latest CD is number 15 on this Roots jazz
> charts. Like you I never heard of it so I visited their home page
> http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/index.php   Roots Music charts many styles
> of music including jazz, I saw our own Linda Yohn listed as a reporter so 
> I
> venture to guess these reports are based on tracking submitted to them and
> not monitired by actual airplay like Frequency media or the Billboard BDS
> chart.  Here's the company's mission statement as found on their home 
> page.
> Arturo
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