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<<..I heartily second the suggestions about Donald Fagen / Steely  Dan.   
My radio program is called "Jazz Without Borders" and I  have played  
the title tracks from "Aja" (just yesterday Ed Trefzger  and I were  
talking about Steve Gadd's playing at the end of that  tune) and "Two  
Against Nature" (that CD features Chris Potter) as  well as other Dan  
tunes.  Santana has music from the early 70s  days when Tom Coster was  
in the band that are jazzy (on Borboletta,  Caravanserai and let's not  
forget the version of "A Love Supreme" he  did with McLaughlin)..etc...>>
I congratulate this diversity, but I thought this thread was intended to  
explore music that is being created today and that can entice non-Jazz audiences  
into our den.



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