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Thu Jun 14 12:35:57 EDT 2007

EVERY generation's favorite music is the music of its youth.  Morning 
Edition today celebrated the Monterey Pop Festival and the beginning of 
the Summer of Love in 1967 (two years before Woodstock).

THAT WAS FORTY YEARS AGO!   If you were 20 when you were listening to 
Mamas and the Papas, Jimi Hendrix, & Janis Joplin, that means you're a 
geezer now in the eyes of someone in their twenties today.  (no 
offense, I'm even older.)

Your favorite music of the 60s and 70s is probably not going to relate 
to today's twenty-somethings any more than Glen Miller and Benny 
Goodman related to a Bebopper in 1947 or Coltrane's audience in 1967.  
The best pop and jazz is a product of its time, and you can't bring 
back the Beatles any more than you can bring back Glenn Miller or the 
Original Dixieland Jass Band.

Wouldn't it be better to pay more attention to young musicians 
producing new music that relates to an audience of their peers?  One 
should still include so called "classic" jazz but be careful about 
programming the favorites of your youth if they're not true jazz 


On Thursday, June 14, 2007, at 07:19  AM, EdBride at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 6/14/2007 8:26:51 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> MitchellFeldman at Comcast.net writes:
> <<..I heartily second the suggestions about Donald Fagen / Steely  Dan.
> My radio program is called "Jazz Without Borders" and I  have played
> the title tracks from "Aja" (just yesterday Ed Trefzger  and I were
> talking about Steve Gadd's playing at the end of that  tune) and "Two
> Against Nature" (that CD features Chris Potter) as  well as other Dan
> tunes.  Santana has music from the early 70s  days when Tom Coster was
> in the band that are jazzy (on Borboletta,  Caravanserai and let's not
> forget the version of "A Love Supreme" he  did with 
> McLaughlin)..etc...>>
> I congratulate this diversity, but I thought this thread was intended 
> to
> explore music that is being created today and that can entice non-Jazz 
> audiences
> into our den.
> Ed

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