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richard gangi straightwithchaser at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 14 12:46:13 EDT 2007

THis is the intent of my show also, 'Straight with Chaser', I spend the last 
hour of my 3 hour show playing more electric progressive new and classic 
jazz/fusion, all in an attempt to attract the younger rocked out set to our 
world...hoping that they will tune in earlier, and learn where it came 

as jazz continues to evolve, so must the audience - and that is our 
job....as programmers...to make the correlation from its roots to todays 
spin...thus from Straight jazz Chased with the pumped up sounds of Bop, Hard 
Bop, and Fusion...

my feelings are that the local scene is picking up on the show...i hear it 
from the local musicians, and their fans...i get calls on the air, and am 
being applauded for playing this format...

and i know i am not alone....so to all of you - who are taking the chances 
to enrich your audience with those often overlooked tunes...bravo....


>>I congratulate this diversity, but I thought this thread was intended to
>>explore music that is being created today and that can entice non-Jazz 
>>into our den.

Rich Gangi
Jazz Director and
Host of "Straight with Chaser"
89.5 WFIT FM
Melbourne, Fl
7-10 pm Wednesdays
also simulcast: www.wfit.org

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