[JPL] Hello and a major query in E-flat

rick at rickmclaughlin.com rick at rickmclaughlin.com
Thu Jun 14 12:53:50 EDT 2007

> Wouldn't it be better to pay more attention to young musicians
> producing new music that relates to an audience of their peers?  One
> should still include so called "classic" jazz but be careful about
> programming the favorites of your youth if they're not true jazz
> milestones.
> Jim
Hey Jim, yes.  I know that (or at least, I assume based on Linda's comment
re: Fresh Sound) that it's tricky getting stuff from the label, but here's
an idea - contact the artist directly.  I have sent out many a promo to
programmers because they simply asked for it.  The list I mentioned
earlier (Jeremy Udden, Julie Hardy, Kendrick Scott, et al), well each of
them would be thrilled to hear from one of you and I'm sure they could
find a way to get a promo sent out.  And again, as far as checking out the
music that the youngsters are into, go to Brooklyn (I, myself, am saying
"Brooklyn's the place" from the viewpoint of lovely Cambridge MA).

It's tough to overstate this.  I teach also and have many, many students
who - even from remote parts of New England - know about the Brooklyn
scene, often even more than I know.

Rick McLaughlin

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