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Relaunching this summer

WEMU is a fun station to listen to, Linda, with a style all its own
and, most importantly, an integral part of the community. The jazz
scene there, which is one of the richest in the State, is well served
by your exemplary radio. Look at the success of WEMU alum Brett
Saunder in Denver to see what a strong foundation in community
broadcasting will earn you.

The pursuit of a younger, technologically savvy audience is a hard row
because many of those listeners do not use traditional FM radio to get
their music. What do you do with that?  

I can't pick up WEMU, I'm in Oakland, CA.
Does the radio station "stream" online?

We have two "stream only" stations here in Oakland - one that covers a
more diverse selection of styles and one dedicated to all the local
improv/creative music players (sfSound radio). 

I'm sure you all know this, but by offering a streaming radio signal,
people from way outside your traditionally transmitted signal can dial
in your station using their computer. It's nice when I can hear what
people are playing in Boston, or Columbia, for that matter.

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