[JPL] Hello and a major query in E-flat

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Relaunching this summer
  On our station there is an alternative rock show that precedes the
jazz programming. About 40 percent of that audience stays into the jazz
programming. That show has brought many to public radio that wouldn't
never have listened. The same with my R&B program. I play a
"transitional" piece coming out of his show and gradually go more in a
jazz direction. A transitional piece would be lets say......something
off the new Vital Information release or Will Bernard or Yellowjackets
or Christian Scott. 
Nice that you mentioned Will - a good friend and a fine guitarist.
Related to my last (Yoshi's) post, he's another fine musician that can't
seem to get a gig there anymore. Which is confounding, given that you
are playing his music because it connects to a more "popular" audience,
or style. Charlie Hunter, on the other hand, who is one of our cohorts,
still plays there nearly every New Year's Eve. Charlie sells a lot more
records than Will, fair enough...but....

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