[JPL] Yoshi's Pulls Anniversary CD Due to Lack ofRacialDiversityin Artist Roster

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Thanks for the peek out of the window of what's happening in the Bay
area.  I just got this email from a former jazz programmer that lives in
Chicago.  I was surprised to see this.  I've known Peter Williams for
quite some time.  He used to be a jazz programmer before accepting the
gig at Yoshi's (right around the time the Oakland location opened up).
I have a lot of respect for Peter and was taken off guard completely
when I saw this.  It's hard to believe this happened on his watch.  It's
even harder to believe that they're moving to San Francisco after the
city of Oakland embraced them with open arms.  

Perhaps this negative publicity will serve as a wake up call for them to
seriously consider how better to serve the Bay area and the jazz
community.  It is sad commentary any way you cut it.

Bobby Jackson
WCPN-FM/Cleveland, OH

Thanks for your reply, Bobby. I met Peter when I played there last time,
and he did seem like a very nice fellow. But you know how it is - those
guys have to go to meetings with boards and his hands are probably
tied...hard to say, really. 

The weird thing is really the move to SF...I can't quite get over it.
It's not like SF doesn't need a great jazz club - but to close this one
to make way for the other is bizarre. And it is going to hurt the Jack
London Square district in Oakland. It's been booming with all sorts of
developments, but the one cool thing about it WAS Yoshi's - there was
actually a place where some culture is happening - apart from the
multi-plex theater across the street, there isn't much down there
besides restaurants....but you know, you eat dinner, and then you want
to do something fun (like hear some live jazz!). If Yoshi's closes, the
neighborhood doesn't have much else going on down there later in the
evening. I'm sure all the restaurants that surround Yoshi's are not
happy about this.

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