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Lloyd,  one could argue that if it is as you stated....... that it's supposed 
to me  about the "music," then there definitely should have been African 
American  musicians included in the first vol, the second vol, etc.....You're  
implication COULD be that they didn't have music they felt was good enough  from 
the AF musicians for their first release. If that is the case I find that  
very hard to believe. I also would guess that there weren't any AF folk  included 
in the final decision making process or process at all. That's a  fundamental 
problem across the board in that folk that make these types  decisions....in 
many cases..... tend to use, hire, etc....those that look just  like them.  

Jae  Sinnett

Jae, I think you're on spot here.  I've seen this myself.  I  can't help but 
wonder about the fact that our major cultural  institutions have bands that 
seem to be primarily one color  (Manhattan/Lincoln Center) or another 
(Westchester County) and virtually no  women - and what about all the fine Asian 
players?  It's probably not  intentional, but part of human nature, to hire or 
promote or connect with those  more like ourselves.  Then again - and I find myself 
coming back to this  point often - when the classical orchestras held blind 
auditions they  immediately filled up with about half women.  
It might be easier for us, as musicians, to hear the music before we "see"  
the players, because the music means everything to us.  Perhaps the  people 
making those marketing decisions are more concerned with what they think  will 
sell, or what they're comfortable selling, than the music itself.   Perhaps 
they're not even aware of their error, as you implied.  It's  understandable, but 
it's not necessarily smart.
Jan Leder
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