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Brian T Dwyer btd220 at nyu.edu
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I was about to mention Facebook.  Although it doesn't allow you to stream music, it is becoming a mutated MySpace, recently 
adding the feature like Top Friends and becoming open to evryone, not just college students.  You no longer need a college 
email address or a college network to sign up.  The point is, there are Facebook users that are now 5 years out of college and if 
you want to reach the younger market, which seems like the best way to keep these late-night, cheap jazz clubs alive (you 
know, the ones like Tonic that are fading quick), you have to get your name out on Facebook.  They will be streaming music 
soon, I guarantee it.  What's nice though is facebook is not filled with all the clutter and spam of myspace.  None of those ads 
in the comments and no seizure inducing backgrounds.  It's a very direct route to jazz fans, or music fans.  And just imagine if 
it last even 4 more years, where you can really introduce yourself to a more defined market, ages 16-30.  I don't mean it to 
come off as to businessy, but it's a great way to cultivate a healthy love of jazz in a younger generation, which I'm a part of.


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> It's become uncool with 12th graders and even some younger mostly 
> because College is right around the corner and they're migrating to 
> Facebook, which is where you'll find the College kids.  My son moved 
> on last summer as we started the College  process and most of his 
> friends have followed. He doesn't use his myspace page any more.
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> > MySpace kind of reminds me of AOL years back: it's kinda cool 
> because it serves 
> > as an entry-level "web 2.0" portal. But, truthfully, I find MySpace 
> to be 
> > cumbersome, (often) ugly, and inconvenient.
> > 
> > The whole "friends network" element, is a bubble that's about to 
> burst. And from 
> > what I hear MySpace is already uncool with savvy 12th graders. So I 
> think we can 
> > expect it to go the way of aol fairly soon.
> > 
> > --eric
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