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I think the point being brought up about Facebook is that those kids are leaving Mysapce and your having access to them as a potential audience. Jae I know your reference was with regards to networking within the Jazz community and it is still a great networking tool if that's all you use it for. I personally got tired of all the extraneous stuff I had to deal with (plus I just  don't have the time to stay on top of keeping my page current) 

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> Hmmm....well I wasn't talking about what 12th graders do with the
> service or why it might be going away soon. The point is totally missed.
> I was referring to the professionals that are on it that use it for a
> very easy networking tool and the obvious advantages for those that
> would venture to use the service. Nothing cumbersome about it. 
> PG:
> I'm with Jae on this one. I don't care if high school students are on it
> or not (but I teach at a high school in Oakland, and sure enough a lot
> of my students are "MS friends", and they use the performance calendar
> to find out where I'm playing...and they come to the shows).
> I mainly use it to network with other musicians. I know lots of folks
> seem to think that it's just for teenagers, but I've hooked up with
> musicians from all over the place with MySpace: Iceland, Norway,
> Israel...places where I haven't played and don't know all that much
> about what's going on in any of those "scenes". So now I've become aware
> of players in other regions not otherwise easily accessible. It also
> allows me to hear what some musicians sound like - people whose names
> I've heard, but have never heard their music. 
> I have one profile for my record label (Evander Music) and another for a
> group I work with. It takes time, for sure, to keep things
> current...especially since I have a label with 45 releases on
> it...there's a lot to keep up with. But it seems like a good way to get
> the word out.
> My new duo release with Joelle Leandre has received more than 1,200 hits
> on the player, so I have to think that a lot of people that were
> wondering what that recording might sound like have had a taste. It
> seems to help with CD sales and it has enabled me to get some gigs
> (France, Berlin, Italy, etc.). It also works to help promote concerts.
> On an east coast tour last November, several people who would not have
> known about me received a gig notice on MySpace and they came to my
> show. They wouldn't have known about it otherwise...they came to the
> show, having heard the band on the player, and we generated some new
> fans.

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