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I guess if you have something to market MS is very helpful. I started thinking that programmers certainly have something to market as well or at least should think that way. I know MS has help me greatly locally and abroad with my jazz and R&B shows. Jeff, in your market you could kill with this but I guess it comes down to how seriously one approaches it. My situation is different as are most musicians looking for work, contacts and exposure but there definitely is an avenue here where programmers can benefit. 
  Jae Sinnett

jturton at comcast.net wrote:
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Relaunching this summer


I think the point being brought up about Facebook is that those kids are leaving Mysapce and your having access to them as a potential audience. Jae I know your reference was with regards to networking within the Jazz community and it is still a great networking tool if that's all you use it for. I personally got tired of all the extraneous stuff I had to deal with (plus I just don't have the time to stay on top of keeping my page current) 

Jeff Turton

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> Hmmm....well I wasn't talking about what 12th graders do with the
> service or why it might be going away soon. The point is totally missed.
> I was referring to the professionals that are on it that use it for a
> very easy networking tool and the obvious advantages for those that
> would venture to use the service. Nothing cumbersome about it. 
> PG:
> I'm with Jae on this one. I don't care if high school students are on it
> or not (but I teach at a high school in Oakland, and sure enough a lot
> of my students are "MS friends", and they use the performance calendar
> to find out where I'm playing...and they come to the shows).
> I mainly use it to network with other musicians. I know lots of folks
> seem to think that it's just for teenagers, but I've hooked up with
> musicians from all over the place with MySpace: Iceland, Norway,
> Israel...places where I haven't played and don't know all that much
> about what's going on in any of those "scenes". So now I've become aware
> of players in other regions not otherwise easily accessible. It also
> allows me to hear what some musicians sound like - people whose names
> I've heard, but have never heard their music. 
> I have one profile for my record label (Evander Music) and another for a
> group I work with. It takes time, for sure, to keep things
> current...especially since I have a label with 45 releases on
> it...there's a lot to keep up with. But it seems like a good way to get
> the word out.
> My new duo release with Joelle Leandre has received more than 1,200 hits
> on the player, so I have to think that a lot of people that were
> wondering what that recording might sound like have had a taste. It
> seems to help with CD sales and it has enabled me to get some gigs
> (France, Berlin, Italy, etc.). It also works to help promote concerts.
> On an east coast tour last November, several people who would not have
> known about me received a gig notice on MySpace and they came to my
> show. They wouldn't have known about it otherwise...they came to the
> show, having heard the band on the player, and we generated some new
> fans.


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