[JPL] Programmers....Sit or Stand?

Bob Rogers rwsfin at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 19 00:41:54 EDT 2007

WSHA is set up so that one can easily do either, but I prefer to stand most 
of the time.  Most of the time I like to jump around to the music and crank 
the monitors, which is why I prefer working late at night when I've got the 
building to myself.  To most observers I'm sure I look like a crazy person 
when I'm doing a show.  But that's what works for me.  Sitting just wouldn't 
make it.

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>Subject: [JPL] Programmers....Sit or Stand?
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>Okay.....something certainly not important but I am curious.........We are 
>getting our studio's remodeled and the question was asked if we want to sit 
>or stand....so to determine how to physically structure the equipment. I 
>know the reasons why some programmers want to stand....mainly in terms of 
>how it affects the voice but I'm curious to programmers opinions on this. 
>Do you like to sit or stand when doing your show? How does either way 
>affect your delivery? I personally like to sit but I do straighten up the 
>back when time to go on the air. I do a four hour show and the way the 
>equipment will be designed hopefully won't be for one way or the other. 
>Most studios I've been in are set up where you can have both options.
>   Jae Sinnett
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