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Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 19 11:29:30 EDT 2007

At 09:33 AM 19/06/2007 -0400, you wrote:

>We have the option to do either at WNCU. I prefer to sit, as do most of my 
>guests, but during high energy times it's nice to be able to move and 
>groove around the control room.
>BH Hudson

At CKUW, which is jammed into a forgotten mezzanine space at the University of
Winnipeg, directly above a self-serve snack bar where the occasional 
aromas of popcorn getting popped in the microwave waft through the studios,
and which is directly below a washroom whose large pipes run across the ceiling
and the onrushing water sounds like Niagara Falls with the requisite occasional
plumbing clank, it's more a case of survival of the fittest.

Standing is possible, but if you're too tall, it's a bit hard on the back, 
not to mention
poor ergonomics, to be using the mouse on the studio computer.  We're still 
catchup technically here.  I prefer to sit in a good chair (I'm 6-2), but 
that's a rarity
with the many little hands constantly changing the chair's positioning.  At 
one point
there was a chair that seemed to sink of its own accord if you were over 
225 pounds,
thereby inflicting a whack on the tip of the nose then the forehead as one 
saw the microphone go soaring upwards, and you'd resist the temptation if 
it happened
on air to go "Dive! Dive!"   Or the wheels on the chair won't turn
all of a sudden, or the headphone cable gets stuck in the wheels of the 
chair and
you move and suddenly the phones come flying off your face, knocking your 
askew, and you have to hit a switch on the board and now you can't see the 
so you hit something and there's dead air until you get untangled.  Ah, 
love it.

I sometimes think gaffer-taping me to the wall with the microphone in hand
would be best.  At least we don't have to run out and crank up the 
generator to keep
us going.  Yet.  But there have been times when one of our two full-time 
staff has
had to truck up to the top of a local highrise to get the transmitter back 
on line.  Try
that when it's -30.

I have The Bad Plus coming on the show for an interview on Saturday, and three
guests in the broadcast studio, is pretty cramped, and there are only two guest

We tend to make do.  If anything, it's somewhat of an incentive to create 
good shows.
My own personal crusade is to find the person who leaves a fresh wad of 
chewing gum
under the control table, right where I put my hand to roll up to the 
board.  News at

I'm sure you can all remember situations that like this.

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg 

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