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What a tremendous privilege and responsibility we have as jazz programmers/announcers; keeping the listener base growing while honoring past jazz masters, acknowledging the masters of today and introducing future masters is a balancing act that requires a conscious sense of humility, fairness and a dedicated love for the music.  It is obvious that you have mastered the system and understand the mission.  Congratulations for your 35 years as keeper of the flame in your community.


>From the day I got my first music call many years ago (it was Duke), I have approach programming from the position of teamwork with artist and their representatives on current releases.   Classics and recurrent CD's are a part of the mix; however the emphasis is on currents.  If the product works (I do know how to say no) then I buy into the marketing plan for that product.  I want my listeners to hear the music that they read about in reviews, I want them to hear the music of artist who are in the media promoting their new releases, I want them to know who they want to see live when the opportunity permits and I really enjoy seeing a product that I believe in go to the top of the charts.   This is not saying that a product worthy of airplay that doesn't have representatives will not get play - they will.  However, it takes all of us working together to help with the success of an artist.


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  Jae, Ben, Lloyd, et.al.

  I program my show without a fixed playlist. The show is improvised and I'm
  asking myself what & who I've forgotten: women, black , asian, european,
  sax, big band, solo piano, trio, bass clarinet, bebop, Canadian, hard bop,
  blues, early jazz,
  new release, vocal, New Orleans, brass band, classic, poetry, etc, etc.
  The constant
  reworking is fed by audience e-mails, conversations with colleagues and
  the many
  mailings & e-mails from suppliers & JPL DJ's playlists, musicians, labels,
  mags & newspapers.

  I think the mix works out over time and I try to make any selection based
  1st on musical quality.
  This fall I celebrate 35 years of radio shows put together with total
  freedom of choice.
  Mostly I listen.

  Results at www.vpr.net/jazz<http://www.vpr.net/jazz> where you can search by artist, label, song,
  title, etc.


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   > After reading several of the post on this subject and understanding the
  > implication of the Yoshi CD in the "real world," the question that
  > continuously resonates with me is ... how many programmers/announcers
  > consider race when choosing selections for programs?
  > Ben Boddie
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