[JPL] Didya notice or is it just me???????

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The way I understand it is that the new chart doesn't categorize a station
by format, but rather categorizes the release itself. So any station
monitored by MediaGuide playing Brian's release, which was initially
promoted as a straight ahead release, would count towards the chart. 

Downright Upright, which had pretty good success on the straight ahead
chart, is now seeing a good amount of airplay on smooth jazz radio thanks to
the track Cantaloupe Island. I'd guesstimate that about 80% of the Bromberg
spins on this weeks chart are from Smooth stations. 

Ed, please correct me if I'm mistaken.



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After my weekly download of the Jazz Week charts I couldn't help but notice
a very peculiar occurence, Brian Bromberg's Downright Upright album came
from out of nowhere and landed on top of the heap, number one by more than
double spinnage of the runner up Brecker CD. I like the Bromberg release,
jazz89KUVO played it extensively and we interviewed Brian as Jimmy Durante
would've said-"een poysun" when he was in Denver, however this is a
re-current album as it was released in January of this year and had it's
stance on the charts. Last week this Cd had "only" 72 spins and this week it
accumulated 573, what's wrong with this picture?  Was a song of his used as
a promo on NPR causing this elevated spin count? Inquiring minds will like
to know.



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