[JPL] BSU Radio Replaces Jazz Format with News, Talk

Doug Crane dcrane at comcast.net
Wed Jun 20 01:44:02 EDT 2007

It would be one thing to casually dismiss the format change at Boise 
State Radio if the jazz AM station was the only public radio outlet 
in Boise.  But it's not.  Far from it.

In addition to the AM station, Boise State operates two FM 
outlets.  One is dedicated to classical music.  Most, if not all of 
its programming is sourced from the joint venture between LA's KUSC 
and Colorado Public Radio, the Classical Public Radio Network 
(CPRN).  The other station is strictly news/talk.  Some of that very 
same programming will be heard on the soon-to-be-less-jazz AM station 
albeit at different air times.

If memory serves correctly, much of the production work for CPRN as 
well as JazzWorks is performed at the facilities of Boise State 
Radio.  Virtually all of the jazz programming heard on the AM signal 
originates from JazzWorks.  Is there anything that can be read into 
the reduction of jazz programming in Boise other than the format 
change?  What does it say when one of the flagship stations in the 
JazzWorks world loses so much airtime for its very own 
programming?  And daytime programming at that?

I'd be curious to know if Boise State Radio considered using their 
2nd HD channels on each of their FM frequencies to retain their 
current jazz programming and add the additional news/talk 
schedule.  (And yes, they ARE broadcasting in HD.  I checked their 
website.)  This gesture might have gone a long way in saying to the 
Boise area jazz audience that they had not been forsaken.  It would 
also have demonstrated to other stations currently airing JazzWorks 
programming that it's going to be around awhile.

And as the jazz programming was already in place, what would have 
been the additional cost to Boise State Radio to turn on the 2nd HD channel?

Doug Crane
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