[JPL] Anyone see the letter from Fred Wilhelms?

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<<How are you going to make up for those stations going  silent?>>

if you think about this from the perspective of SoundExchange's bottom  line, 
i think they're probably fine with that scenario. if a bunch of smaller  
internet stations die out, those listeners will more than likely go looking for  
replacement stations at the remaining larger outlets like RadioAOL, Yahoo, etc. 
 Soundexchange then saves a bundle of money by not having to monitor so many 
tiny  stations and go after royalties at so many different places, plus they 
make even  more money by raising the rate that applies to the stations that are 
left. the  fact that this will result in less airplay for indie artists on 
the internet is  of little concern if they can manage to consolidate listeners 
in fewer places  where they can collect more money in a cheaper way. 

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