[JPL] Alan & Stu Grant...WBUS

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Thu Jun 21 13:05:59 EDT 2007

Upon my move to Miami in 1989, I became aquainted with many of the former
hosts on the highly respected 'free from' music station called "The Magic
Bus"-WBUS-FM in Miami, it was a jazz station with blues and salsa music as
well. Some of the famous folks hosting shows were China Valles, Symphony
Sid-his last gig, he hosted the salsa show and refused to play jazz when
listenrs called him remembering his NY days, "Boston" Bob Perry, now of Blue
Note Records shop, the Englishman-Michael Dean of Yardbirds Records and many
others including either of the Grants-Alan & Stu, perhaps both.  Stu: can
you clear this up for me, were both you and your dad on The Bus and do you
have any stories to share about the station?  The AM side of that radio is
now a gospel station and the FM side turned into Love 94 where you host

An in advance thanx

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