[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic", WCVF/WDVL, 6/22/07

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 15:13:56 EDT 2007

After several weeks of near-silence, the phones were ringing off the hook
today. The most popular track among our local listeners was the Afrobeat
track by Adeniji - we really do need much more current world music, record
labels and publicists! Other listener response came for British folk-rockers
Moontagu, smooth-jazzers Phaze II (to be frank, I'm not a huge smooth-jazz
fan myself - I can tolerate it - but as long as listeners continue to
respond, I try to play one or two tracks per show), bass player Christian
Fabian, a rockin' instrumental by three great blues singer-guitarists
(Foley, Coleman, Potvin), the extended improvisations of Dan Mazer, Mike
Auldrdige, Jimmy Gaudreau, et. al. on BanjerDan's bluegrass-jazz arrangement
of a Tom Jobim classic, and the more orthodox bossa-nova/jazz of Paul Donat.
(I can tell you from not only a DJ's perspective, but from the students in
my Musics of the World and Music of Latin America classes - Fredonians of
all ages LOVE Brazilian and Brazilian-flavored music of all sorts.) My
personal pick is Jani Lauzon's smooth harmonization of Native Canadian vocal
music, somewhat on the order of Joanne Shenandoah's recasting of Mohawk
songs. To the list:

Dennis Mitcheltree - Mosinee Mayhem - Union

Carol Rodland with Tatevik Mokatsian - From This Moment On - Viola Swirl

Marilyn Zavidow - Defenses Down - Safe and Sound EPreview (LOCAL NOTE:
Pianist Don Rebic and drummer Eric Wills are both former SUNY Fredonia music
faculty members.)

Randy Kohrs - Rockwell's Gold - Old Photograph

Mark Gothard - Whispered in Your Ear - Poppy Fields & Pearls

Brian Kalinec - I Live In This House - Last Man Standing

Adeniji - Talk Talk Talk (Fela Memories) - Village Square

Moontagu - Fields of Heather - Written In Stone

Phaze II - 4th Measure - Options

Bob McParland - She Believes in Elvis - Before the Coming Snow

Christian Fabian (Fabian Zone Trio) - Lord of Time - Curtain Of Life

Trey Wright - River Man - Where I'm Calling from

Amy Carol Webb - Rosa - 2006 Music To Live (various artists)

Kevin Taylor - Afro Mythogyny - Best of Kevin Taylor, 2006

Dafni - Dance - Drifting In Circles

Sue Foley/Deborah Coleman/Roxanne Potvin - Time Bomb - Time Bomb

Bradley West - Big Mack Donald - Slow Train

BanjerDan - Wave - Old Stuff

Paul Donat - Ipanema Breeze - Rio Bossa

Jani Lauzon - Bigger Than All Of Us - Mixed Blessings

Rachel Harrington - Sunshine Girl - The Bootlegger's Daughter

Moby Grape - Omaha - Listen My Friends! The Best Of Moby Grape

Lawrence Lebo & her Little Big Band - On Time - Don't Call Her Larry, Vol.

Nina Simone - Suzanne - Just Like A Woman

Gary Paul Bryant - Big Face - Big World

See you next Friday, 2-4 PM EDT at http://www.fredoniaradio.com, and locally
on WCVF-FM, 88.9 on your FM dial.


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