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Lenny Mazel jazz at kcme.org
Sat Jun 23 20:57:40 EDT 2007

I'm enjoying "Essence of Green" as well, but my pick of the week has to be
drummer Ralph Rosen's "No Secrets", with George Garzone (tenor sax), Greg
Hopkins (trumpet) and Bruce Katz (organ).  A very solid release.

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I hesitate in using the word clever when talking about the music most of the
time because it can be interpreted as something cynical or sneaky but in the
case of "Essence Of Green" I'll use it in a very positive way. As a
"tribute" release it could have easily fallen into the predictable trap of
taking "Kind Of Blue" material and changing a chord here or a rhythm there
making it a weak attempt at bringing new life into overly used material but
Di Salvio's conceptual direction is like few that have done tribute
releases. Instead he writes original material with "Kind Of Blue"
compositions as a point of departure and at the same time making the tribute
totally unique to him.....with his musical stamp - with an obvious
   not to Miles. From my perspective that's the way you should do a tribute
recording. Then putting the great Jimmy Cobb on the recording.....clever.
I'm hoping others are enjoying this one as much as I am. 
  Jae Sinnett 

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