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Bob Stewart BSTEWAR at kirkwood.edu
Mon Jun 25 17:09:02 EDT 2007

Hey Brad,
   Speaking of new fusion releases, I received a disc from a drummer named Wally Schnalle, who I believe is from the San Jose area.  Have you heard of him? It's a really cool release called "Physics and Magic."

Bob Stewart, KCCK

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Rick Calic and the rest of you jazz-rock fusion afficianados will need to check out 23 year old bassist Hadrien Feraud's new disc on Dreyfus. He has been playing with John McLaughlin recently - I believe this is his first as a leader.  Most of the compositions are by Hadrien and brother(?) Gerard.  There is the ususal high-level of technical proficiency and energy expected on a good fusion outing, and some nice compositions as well, with some interesting world influences.  John McLaughlin and Bireli Lagrene lend a hand with some of the guitar work. The comparisons to Weather Report and Jaco will obviously be made.  One of the best jazz-rock fusion releases that I've heard in a long time.

Brad Stone

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