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The photo looked familiar and as I look at it I think it is from "Bass
Lines" which I do own.  I guess I didn't stop to look at "who" was in
that photograph.  Thanks for sharing the personal history with Milt.



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This exact photo is in one of Milt's photo books.
It is a commentary of the day.  
He and I talked about those photos and he had some very interesting
to tell.  
He was not bitter looking back and seemed always to make lemonade out of
obvious lemons.

If you don't have one of Milt's books you should look into owning one.
am fortunate to have
both which are autographed copies along with an autographed photo he
of Billie Holiday 
during her last recording session drinking a class of straight vodka.
did some wonderful
photo in those early days with his Argus-35 camera.

I attended his memorial service in New York at the Riverside Church and
was awesome, closing
with over 50 bass players playing Denny Zeitlan's QUIET NOW.  Rufus Reid
organized the music
for the event.  It opened with Jon Faddis playing solo from the back top
balcony of the church.


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> Date: 6/25/2007 4:10:00 PM
> Subject: FW: What a great (and sad) picture..
> My dear friend and colleague Arturo Gomez of KUVO-FM in Denver sent
one to me.  Thought I would share it with you.
> Aloha,
> Bobby
> Subject: What a great (and sad) picture..
> Left to right: Mona Hinton(the Judge's wife), Ike Quebec, Doc
> Mario Bauz? and Shad Collins on tour in Alabama in 1939.
> Photograph was taken by Milt Hinton.  If you zoom in you can see
> someone standing behind Ike with a suitcase in tow.


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