[JPL] Flugel Quest

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Is Clark Terry early enough?

Some of my favorite players the next generation are:

Jimmy Owens
Thad Jones
Freddie Hubbard
Eddie Henderson

Of this generation, Thomas Marriott is wonderful



I thought I had noticed flugelhorn mentioned on some old Ellington
records, so I went back and sure enough, Rex Stewart (who normally
played cornet) and Cootie Williams are both credited with flugelhorn in
the 1930's...on selected tracks...

The instrument has been around for a while. Here's a Wikpedia entry:

The flugelhorn (also spelled fluegelhorn or flügelhorn) is a brass
instrument resembling a trumpet but with a wider, conical bore. It is
thought by some to be a member of the saxhorn family developed by
Adolphe Sax (who also developed the saxophone); however, other
historians assert that it has been derived from the keyed bugle by
Michael Saurle (father), Munich 1832 (Royal Bavarian privilege for a
"chromatic Flügelhorn" 1832), thus predating Adolphe Sax's innovative

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