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At 07:25 PM 6/27/2007, you wrote:
>When I toured with Mangione he and I would talk about the flugel vs 
>the trumpet. Outside of the obvious tonal difference....as I 
>understand it the flugel is easier to play. I'm not a trumpeter and 
>could be wrong but I think the flugel is less physically demanding 
>as I've heard from some players. Maybe there is a trumpet player on 
>the list that can get into this more. Mike Metheny is another one 
>that uses the flugel much. At least he did when I played with him as 
>well and Tom Harrell but maybe someone already mentioned him. Check 
>out Freddie Hubbard's us of the flugel on "Super Blue." One day 
>hopefully someone will re-issue that classic.....one of the all time 
>great jazz recordings and certainly one of Freddie's best IMO.

Jae, this is your lucky day:


Yes, the flugel is somewhat easier to play (comparatively speaking - 
no brass instrument is easy), but if you use the typically deeper cup 
flugel mouthpiece, endurance can be an issue. I practice trumpet (Bb 
& C) everyday, but play the flugel only on the job (in addition to 
trumpet). If I only practiced flugel, playing trumpet would seem more 
difficult, but I don't need to practice flugel. If I didn't have a 
day job, I would include flugel in my practicing.

Mike Metheny also has a very nice flugelhorn sound, but after 
Freddie, my favorite is Roy - check out "When We Were One" from 
Tenors of Our Time.

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