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Thu Jun 28 11:52:04 EDT 2007

Thanks Brad and everyone,
Already have a copy of the Hadrien Cd - He really does have some chops and
I'm still trying to "find the focus" of the cd, but first listen is very
impressive. Many of you might already know he's touring with John McLaughlin
in the US this September and for Bay Area folks will be at both the Monterey
and SF Jazz festivals.
2007 has been an amazing year for Fusion releases:
Uncle Moe's Space Ranch (Dennis Chambers, Scott Kinsey, and of course T.J.
and Bret)
Slaughterhouse (Gary Willis, Kirk Covington, Libert Fortuny)***
Mondo Trio (Jeff Babko and Vinnie C.)
Scott Henderson, Best of
Trio of Doom (BTW - John ok'd the deal with Columbia with the express
request that proceeds go to the estates of Tony Williams and Jaco Pastorius)
Actual Fiction (Gary Willis, Kirk Covington and David Gomez)***
Tritone Barrier  (Gerald Gradwohl)***
Vitalization (Vital Information)***
and many more.
***Reviewed at Jazz Rock World

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