[JPL] Clarifying Bobby Jax's KUVO's remark

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Thu Jun 28 13:07:17 EDT 2007

Bobby wrote <<< Yes, we're in a perilous state but there are success stories
out there as I look at
stations such as KPLU, KUVO, WDUQ, WHRV that continue to build audience
despite the penchant for talk these days.   >>>

Can't thank you enough Bobby for mentioning us in your success stories line
however to be blunt, jazz89KUVO is suffering from the same trend others
radio, TV, publications, music venues, retail music shops, theatres,
cinemas, et al are enduring, an erosion of listeners/clients, this is a
result of a national trend because of increased choices and alternative
formats in any given field. That said, at jazz89KUVO our listener ship is
holding steady, perhaps an ever so slight decline overall however we are
increasing our younger listeners base-a good thing and because Metro Denver
is a growing area we appear to getting a steady growth of new residents
listeners so perhaps we may have a slightly larger audience, the goal is to
make them listener members to reverse another national indication, a
reduction of contributing members. We recently have embarked on a major
publicity campaign, we are more visible at more festivals-music as well as
other cultural events, we are partnering with more print media outlets for
more exposure, we are producing more "Signature Events" to raise funds, we
are going after more grant monies, we are more involved in the community as
well, we're gearing up for next year's Democratic Convention being held in
Downtown Denver just down the road from the Oasis In The City studios and
offices, we have obtained FCC permission for a new frequency in the fast
growing and wealthy Vail Valley which is no longer just a resort area. In
less than 30 days we will unveil a brand new state-of-the art home page with
a large amount of interactive pages for listeners and visitors and numerous
new features and links. We were Colorado's first HD FM station, we have
increased streaming listeners capacity for our CD quality stream and next
year we will begin to use our 2nd channel HD option, we've strayed away form
using up to now because of the sparse consumer use of HD radios in cars and
especially at home.

Last year jazz89KUVO in conjunction with Denver's own Balistreri Vineyards,
yes Martha there are vineyards in Denver and Colorado, launched our very own
brand of jazz89KUVO wine at the Sicilian Picnic, this year for our Jazz at
The Vineyard dinner and concert we will release our 2007 jazz89KUVO wine and
a very special limited production run of jazz89KUVO-Hazel Miller edition
wine, Hazel Miller is a fine jazz and blues vocalist is our performing
artist for the Jazz at the Vineyard evening. Finally, for the first time
WWOZ and jazz89KUVO have teamed up to broadcast and stream live, portions of
the Annual Vail Jazz Festival live from one of the most gorgeous spots in
the world 2 miles high in the Rockies. Naturally 'OZ will air and stream
more portions of the weekend festival than jazz89 because Denver is a 5 hour
drive to Telluride so organizers don't want to discourage Denver area
attendees, Telluride has a very strong line up this year featuring among
others John Scofield as festival honoree, Arturo Sandoval, Roy Hargrove,
Roberta Gambarini, Steve Turre, The Turbinator and others. That's our latest
update from the Mile High City.

By the by and by, Tab Benoit's acoustic 1-man performance last night was
amazing, not only for his inspired playing but for his conversation with
Susan Gatschet-Reese about the behind the scenes story of Katrina and the
aftermath, his involvement with the Voice of the Wetlands project-a moving
saga, the abandonment of the government assistance for hundreds of thousands
victims(not only the poor), the media's twisting of the actual facts and his
pre-Katrina prophetic movie, "Hurricane On The Bayou".

Arturo Gómez

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