[JPL] This Brings Tears To My Eyes: Any Suggestions?

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Fri Jun 29 19:27:06 EDT 2007

Hi Larry

We haven't met, Larry; I'm an exercise class friend of Joanie's. I know 
you're a jazz guy, so that's why I'm writing. My father, who now lives at 
the Marshes, has been a jazz fanatic all his life. He's 92, so of course his 
favorite periods were the 30's and 40's, and some of the 50's and the less 
"out there" 60's.

When he was preparing to move to the Marshes, he spent a couple of years 
burning all his 78's onto CD's (obviously this would be the older stuff; he 
started collecting around 1933), so he'd have less to move, and so he could 
maybe get rid of that 78 needle that is so hard to replace whenever it wears 

Somehow he had met Rob Gibson (Note:  Formally of Jazz at the Lincoln 
Center), who put him in touch with another fellow who said he'd help sell 
all the 78's on Ebay. He did slowly sell a number of them, and for some 
astonishing prices (many of them were in the hundreds of dollars each; I 
think maybe one or two in the thousands...to a collector in Japan). But it 
turned out this man got too busy with some other projects and just didn't 
have the time to keep doing this (he was offering only a couple at a time, I 
think), so he has now given back 8 or 9 boxes of records to my father.

Daddy is at a loss as to how to sell them. He thinks one of those 
run-of-the-mill Ebay places is kind of a rip-off and also wouldn't know 
enough about what they were selling to do them justice. I'm just wondering 
if you have any ideas for someone I could put my father in touch with who 
might be helpful. I have no idea what's in the boxes, as I'm in Maine (as 
are my parents), and the boxes are in their apt. at the Marshes. My parents 
will go back to Savannah in late Sept., when this problem will confront them 

(Note: Does this sound familiar to anyone?-Larry)  It would be hard for me 
to explain how much my father loves jazz. My entire childhood, he would be 
downstairs with jazz on the record player from before I woke up in the 
morning (6 a.m.) till he left for work, and then the same again in the 
evening, till after I went to bed. When there wasn't music on the record 
player, he'd be drumming his fingers on something, obviously hearing some 
favorite in his head. He has a meticulous filing system for his list of 
records, cross-referenced by artists and titles and recording dates. He's 
got hearing aids in both ears now, can hardly see, has a pacemaker, and 
walks with difficulty (he's had Parkinson's for 10-12 years).

My mother insists he's deaf because when he was in college in Boston, he 
went to every jazz club and dance band performance and stood right in front 
of the bandstand the whole time. Every house we lived in had to have special 
shelves built to hold all his records. (He also has a lot of classical 
music.) He's just a really sweet old gentleman, and I wish I could help him 
with this, since I live too far away to be much help with all the other 
aggravations in my parents' lives.

He cherished his records, and it sort of breaks his heart to think of no one 
out there in the world being able to appreciate them as he did. At the same 
time, he knows they ought to be worth something, so he hates to just give 
them away. Most of these have not been reissued, so they're not available as 
33's or CD's.

Well, think it over; I'll be curious to know if you have any suggestions for 
us. If you want more detail about exactly what musicians we're talking 
about, I doubt we'd know till Oct., when Daddy can look to see what's in the 
boxes. He didn't have time before they left Savannah for the summer. I 
haven't told him I'm contacting you, since I have no idea if this will 
result in anything, and I didn't want to build up his hopes for a solution.

Thanks for your time---I appreciate just your bothering to read all this 
yammering on and on....

(Name Withheld)

Larry Dane-Kellogg
WHCJ  90.3 FM
Savannah, Ga 

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