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So one  thing to consider regarding the potential $25 fee is that there's a 
pretty  high chance that that will exclude new blood, particularly, say, the  
younger people, college programmers, music students, musicians, music  
journalists and others, whose input could be particularly valuable, and  
whose participation in the jazz community is key to the survival of the  

i think that getting access to the list and magazine for $25 is a  steal, 
even for someone at a college radio station. in order for a college  station to 
report to CMJ, they must have a subscription to their weekly industry  
magazine, which costs $400/year in the US, $515 in Canada & Mexico. these  fees are 
not unusual, btw, but typical for radio trade magazines like CMJ and  FMQB. so 
personally, i am more than grateful (and even a bit embarrassed) to  think that 
i can get similar access to Jazzweek for $25. however, i can see how  $25 may 
seem like more money to an individual DJ at a college station,  but even so, 
college students always seem to find money to go to  concerts, and there are a 
lot of live music  performances these days that cost far more than $25. it's 
still a  steal.
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