[JPL] JPL will remain free but voluntary donations accepted

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 1 10:26:02 EST 2007

One of the things I've notice is that the majority of folks writing in saying they will support are those that we usually see on the list. It would be great that those that rarely chime in donate because you apparently make up the majority. Again, I would personally like to see the topics expanded....beyond radio programming....but of course still related to jazz. Blaise, Jan...my friends.........I don't think that would diminish the JPL "programming" discussions. I also think that the musicians on this list are considerably more intelligent than just submitting.....hey, my group is playing in Bullfrog Creek Georgia this weekend. The commentary in general would be more meaningful than that I'm sure......particularly if they feel comfortable jumping in. Actually when you think about it some of the deepest most interesting conversations I've seen on the list had little to do with direct programming issues so having it more inclusive puts more of a visionary touch on it. My
 opinion of course. Same with industry reps and the jazz appreciators. Jump in. Share your thoughts. I remember Chick Corea saying how much he would learn from things he didn't particularly care for.
  By the way, my loot is in Ed's account. Done deal so Ed keep lettin it roll.  
  Jae Sinnett 

Ed Trefzger <ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com> wrote:
  Sponsored by: SPONSORS COMING

Thanks for all the support expressed here over the past day -- it's 
pretty overwhelming. It has always been our intention for this list to 
remain free. Several sponsors have stepped forward to support this list 
over the past day.

While we're not going to charge for the list and will continue to make 
complimentary issues of the PDF magazine available, it was suggested by 
one of the list subscribers that we make it possible for people to make 
a voluntary donation. We have set up a PayPal donation button on the 
JazzWeek website at http://www.jazzweek.com/ -- the button is available 
on the left side of each page. Your support will help keep the 
operation going and will make it possible for us to add online content 
and features that have been in the planning stages for a while. We have 
left the donation amount blank; some have suggested $25 a year but any 
amount would be appreciated.

Thanks again,


A number of people have stepped up to offer sponsorships. To become a sponsor contact Devon Murphy 
at devon at jazzweek.com / 866-453-6401 x3 or Ed Trefzger at ed at jazzweek.com / 866-453-6401 x1.


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