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Jassgirl at aol.com Jassgirl at aol.com
Thu Mar 1 12:49:49 EST 2007

Just to let you all know, I LOVE the  JPL and have learned so much from many 
of you, either in the  emails that you send out to the group or what some of 
you have shared with me  since I joined, I think in '99. 
I was just releasing my debut album, "Dot Wilder, Live from the Warehouse",  
and was trying to read up on how to get airplay. I bought 2 books (forgotten  
their names now..they're somewhere in my book boxes) that described how to  
promote one's cd, but was having a bit of trouble getting in contact with the  
names and emails listed in the book.
Then, as I was receiving my JPL emails, I came up with a plan. I decided to  
keep track of all the JPL jazz djs' emails (please, forgive me..please tell  
me what you all prefer to be known as) and sent out an email to each (I think I 
 sent out 200 or more emails for this) introducing myself, asking a few 
questions  (would they at least consider giving my cd airplay if I sent it to 
them?) and  then sending off my cd and info about me to each that I contacted that 
replied,  "yes, please send it". Many of you gave my cd a chance, and I thank 
you from the  bottom of my heart!!
Well, guys (and girls) the first time I saw my name/cd/song title on a  
playlist sent to the JPL list, I was overjoyed and so excited. I thank those who  
gave my cd an airplay chance. I've even used these playlists in my  promo kits. 
In fact, I met Brad Stone and Jae Sennett at an IAJE conf a few yrs back  and 
enjoyed talking to each. I wouldn't have had this opportunity without the  
JPL. And I can't begin to tell you the other opportunities that have come about  
because of the wonderful JPL.
Count me in...I'll go to the Jazzweek site and show my support.
Thanks to all of you!! Jazz Programmers, Jazz Musicians, and so many others  
out there!!
My very best to you all and Thanks so much Ed!! You're the best!

Dot  Wilder
Dot Wilder Jazz
(904) 608-7472 (cell phone, best way to  reach me)
jassgirl at aol.com
_www.dotwilderjazz.com_ (http://www.dotwilderjazz.com/) 
_www.myspace.com/dotwilderjazz_ (http://www.myspace.com/dotwilderjazz)   
(last 3 songs are from my new not yet released cd.."Dan's Jazz  Favorites")
_www.cdbaby.com/dotwilder_ (http://www.cdbaby.com/dotwilder) 
"Never a song sung the same way twice"

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