[JPL] Re: JPL will remain free but voluntary donations accepted

George Thomas gthomas at vpr.net
Thu Mar 1 15:36:56 EST 2007

> There are countless email forums for jazz-related topics. This list works
> so well because of its radio focus. Broader focus means more emails,
> of content.
> other Ed

I like the list as is, focused on radio with spicy comments from all the
other makers &
shakers of jazz. I particularly like hearing about regional jazz artists
who should be nationally
known. I like seeing playlists, that's where I find out about many new
releases and about who else finds them important.

I just put my $25.00 down thru a personal card but it's really my audience
in VT, NH, NY, MA & Montreal who benefit from all the insights from Jae,
Tom, Eric, Auturo, Steve, Dr Jazz, et.al. Thanks for making it a great

Celebrating 35 years in radio this fall,

jazz at vpr.net

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www.vpr.net/jazz (streaming & searchable playlists)
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