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Thu Mar 1 16:05:51 EST 2007

Might I suggest that you do a survey, Ed.  If you use surveymonkey.com - you 
can get one consensus (with majority ruling) as to what folks would like to 
see on the JPL opt-in. It costs $19.95 for one month.  That's one contribution.  

Personally, I like seeing playlists, it's information that is useful for me 
to pass on to my clients. It's also very interesting, IMO, what people are 
playing not only locally but around the world.  The discussion on Charles 
Tolliver's "With Love" was also thought provoking. It related to radio and ears of 
programmers, and for me it spurred discussions with my clients including David 
Weiss and Charles Tolliver, Groov Marketing and DLMedia . Personally, I think 
that's what this list should about first and foremost - radio - whether 
terrestial or virtual. Promotion and hipping us to something you've heard or something 
you're doing  that special is also of interest. 

At Ed's urging, I also suggested to my clients that they join the JPL list, 
but cautioned them not to post their gigs or overhype, but instead learn and 
discuss.  This is an invaluable service to them, and I've read with interest 
what many have said in the last few days.  

I don't like seeing links to articles about jazz. Much of that can come from 
a google alert and we often discuss them at length on our bulletin board and 
the same ones are circulated on other bulletin boards and user groups.  

I think people need to distinguish between a list serve and a bulletin board. 
 And I think with a survey, Ed will be able to discern what people want and 
don't want to see on this list. With 600 or so subscribers, there are going to 
be differences of opinion, as any good discussion should have, and I think a 
simple survey will shed some light of what most people would like to have on 
here and what they don't.

Peace and light
Lois Gilbert

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