[JPL] Nat Adderley Jr.

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Hi Jae,

I spoke with Nancy Wilson recently (January 20th)  and she talked about her 
relationship with Cannonball and Nat Adderley and in that conversation 
mentioned Nat Adderley Jr.  She said that after all the years of doing pop 
music he has grown tired of it and is focusing on doing straight ahead jazz. 
She said he wants to emulate his father and his uncle.

Bobby Jackson

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> Jae,
> Not really "straight up jazz recordings," but Nat Jr. is on some Herbie 
> Mann and Noel Pointer records. He's also played on and arranged dates for 
> Aretha Franklin, Teddy Pendergrass, Natalie Cole, Mavis Staples, the 
> Temptations, Beyonce and others.
> Larry
>>Just curious......when I was producing my Luther Vandross show for my R&B 
>>Chronicles program I noticed that Nat Adderley Jr. was his music director 
>>and pianist. On one of the live recordings he took a couple nice solos. 
>>Granted there wasn't much stretching out room in that bag but he sounded 
>>good. Somewhat on the smooth side but perhaps that was because of the gig. 
>>Does anyone know if he has done any straight up jazz recordings? Thanks,
>>   Jae Sinnett
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