[JPL] WEMU on board

Paul Combs pcomb at comcast.net
Fri Mar 2 12:59:22 EST 2007

Linda Yohn wrote:
> I am sorry that many on the list do not enjoy reading playlists.  I 
> post them because WEMU is not mediaguide monitored.  It is a way for 
> me to communicate the sound of WEMU to a broad base of important 
> individuals.  If however, general consensus is that the information is 
> overkill, then I'll stop submitting our lists to the JPL.
As a musician and sometime record producer, I find the playlists very 
useful.  They help me to get an idea of the approach of the various 
stations that post their listings.  At various times this information is 
very important to me, at other times I am preoccupied with some 
voracious project or another.  At the present time I am running flat 
out, so I just disregard the playlists.  However, I would be very sorry 
to find that they weren't there when I need them.  I filter the 
information I need from the listing, just as I do with a newspaper.  I 
generally do not read the sports section, but I do not feel a need to 
complain to the editor about its presence in the paper.

Please keep posting your playlists.

Paul Combs
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