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Daylight Saving Time Update

In August of 2005 the United States Congress passed the Energy Policy Act,
which changes the dates of both the start and end of daylight saving time
(DST). Beginning this year, DST will start three weeks earlier (2 a.m. on
the second Sunday in March) and will end one week later (2 a.m. on the first
Sunday in November) than what has traditionally occurred. The new daylight
saving time will begin on March 11 and end on November 4.

While the change in daylight saving time mainly applies to the U.S. and
Canada, the change may impact customers based outside North America as well.

Required Changes:

Unless certain updates are applied to your computer, it is possible that the
time zone settings for your computer's system clock may be incorrect during
this four-week period (March 11 - April 1, and October 28 - November 4).
When your time zone settings are incorrect your clock may be off by one
hour, and certain applications running on your Windows-based computer may
not display the correct time.

Operating systems and applications will need to be updated to properly
recognize the new daylight saving time updates and to limit any potential

Here is the link to the Microsoft website for the Outlook Time Zone update.

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Calendaring Recommendations:

Microsoft is recommending the following steps to ensure your meetings and
appointments scheduled between March 11 - April 1, and October 28 - November
4 (all 2007) will not be negatively affected. To minimize confusion during
the affected date ranges, consider the following:

*	Schedule appointments as usual. Include the DATE, TIME, and LOCAL
TIME ZONE in the subject line of all meeting requests scheduled between
March 12 and April 1, 2007. For example: "March 15 - 2:00 p.m. Pacific
Daylight Time." 
*	Confirm meeting times. Exercise caution with the appointments and
meetings in the extended DST period. When in doubt, verify the correct time
with the organizer. 
*	Do not make any manual time or date changes for DST on your calendar
or any other applications. If you made manual adjustments to your calendar
appointments, change them back. 
*	Accept meeting requests you receive, generated as a result of
calendars applying the DST updates. 
*	Consider printing out your weekly calendars during the extended DST
period prior to applying the Windows patch containing the updated time zone
definitions, and running the Outlook Time Zone Update tool so that you can
keep track of which meetings were scheduled before and after you run the



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