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Jeff Turton jturton at comcast.net
Sun Mar 4 06:11:16 EST 2007

I'm assuming that Wynton will be talking less about Jazz and more  
about the current political and social situation based on his current  
recording, especially given Bush's recent visit to the GUlf Coast.  
Beyond that I do agree with Bobby and others and I think any one of  
his suggestions for alternatives to Wynton are good ones. I would  
also agree that it should be someone outside of the usual Jazz  
suspects. Bobby mentioned Kareem Abdul Jabar. I find him very  
persuasive when it comes to his relationship with the music. In  
general though most TV producers and bookers really just go route of  
least resistance. In most instances it's because of time  
considerations but they also need someone who is effective in front  
of a camera(which despite what some may think really is not that  
easy).  I wonder if some organization like the JJA (who I'm assuming  
carry some level of credibility in the media world) would be willing  
to get a number of those suggested (and others) and do a video with  
each discussing the music that could be distributed to the major News  
outlets. It might show that there are others as articulate as Wynton  
and just as persuasive. It would give the producers and bookers  
others to consider that they know can talk on camera and engage an  
audience, which Wynton is very good at doing.

Jeff Turton
WFNX Jazz Brunch

On Mar 4, 2007, at 12:30 AM, Bobby Jackson wrote:

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> Louis X,
> It's obvious you don't understand my point. Perhaps many of you  
> don't. Again, let me try to state this clearly.   This is not a  
> matter of resentment.  This is a matter of sharing the wealth and  
> having other points of view put jazz into the limelight as well.   
> Read my lips, er, uh E-MAIL.....I don't resent Wynton.  I am a huge  
> fan and I appreciate Wynton very much.  I applaud and stand WITH  
> Wynton but there are others that could probably be more effective  
> in terms of getting jazz a higher profile in the public eye.   
> Wynton is such an obvious choice to yield to but it is an old  
> tactic.  It is passe and ultimately not moving more people to our  
> fold.   It is not working.  We continue to lose ground.     Jazz @  
> Lincoln Center is feeling the pinch too quiet as it's kept.  I've  
> spoken to Wynton many times aover the years and he's disparaged so- 
> called electronic fusion music.  He called the electric bass not a  
> real instrument but, a toy.  He said this to me DIRECTLY in a  
> pointed conversation.  I never forgot it.  Today people are playing  
> "electric fusion" in the presenting stages of Jazz @ Lincoln Center  
> and musicians such as Marcus Miller have a place in that hall to  
> showcase their music.  I KNOW Wynton as artistic director didn't  
> have that kind of programming in mind when he first got those doors  
> to open.  I think he has learned that you've got to expand your  
> audience to keep those doors open because his personal vision is  
> not enough to keep those doors open and people paying.  We're all  
> suffering in one way or another here.  I'm digressing a bit from my  
> original point here but it's all related in one way or another.
> As I pointed out in my first email on the subject, WHO OUTSIDE of  
> the jazz canon.....
> 1) has an iconic and recognizable name
> 2) loves jazz
> 3) is charasmatic enough to move people who are not inclined to pay  
> our jazz world any attention, and get them to make it an important  
> part of their world too.
> It will take someone outside of the jazz world to get this boulder  
> rolling back into the consciousness of mainstream America because  
> jazz is not as popular in mainstream America as we think it is or  
> would like it to be.  By and large we live in a hip hop world. That  
> is a sober truth.  Just turn on your TV or radio; go to the  
> movies.  The signposts are everywhere.
> Louis X, why don't you see the writing on the wall?

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