[JPL] Wynton/ ABC "This Week

Steve Schwartz steve_schwartz at wgbh.org
Sun Mar 4 10:01:30 EST 2007

Did I miss something? Reading all of these posts about Wynton being on
national TV this morning as a spokesperson for jazz music has taken me much
longer than Wynton's actual appearance.
He was on air for no longer than a minute and a half, maybe two. This came
50 minutes into the program, the last mini spot.  George introduced the
piece by mentioning Wynton's new CD and then Wynton appeared (in a three
piece suit), not talking to  George at all , but into the air, about how we
all need to become more involved, more active, more aware and it was over.
Who was he talking to? Who was listening and watching?  Cut to commercial.
Not one mention about the state of music or the arts or jazz. There wasn't
even any music in the piece!!
I guess not even Wynton Marsalis has the power to change the minds of TV
network honchos . The segment seemed merely like filler to get up to the end
of the hour and the program.
I think whoever was chosen to be in that spot would have faced the same
restrictions. My advice: keep playing that music on the radio. That's one
way to get the message of the music out there.

Steve Schwartz

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