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This is a very complicated issue that cannot be covered well in e-mails. As 
a big blues fan I've seen this happen at least a few times in my own 
lifetime. You cannot "assign" a spokesperson for a style of music. What 
usually gives a style of music a boost is a young popular musician who gives 
credit to those who came before him or her and takes them on tour as an 
opening act, along with festivals that  include both the hard-core 
influences and the popular acts.  Popular films with good soundtracks can 
also help. However, there's a generation shift right now, and concerts are 
not as big a part of the new generation.  So while in the past The Rolling 
Stones and Stevie Ray Vaughan gave exposure to the older blues and R&B 
musicians, it may not be as simple now. But there are a lot of young 
musicians going back to the jazz greats for inspiration: Norah Jones and 
Madeleine Peyroux, for example,  sell lots of recordings, and they are 
heavily influenced by jazz. In the small New York clubs, there are more 
bands with stand-up acoustic basses than I've seen in years. I actually 
think something is bubbling under, but times have changed and we'll just 
have to see what develops. Perhaps a popular videogame with a jazz 
soundtrack? Or Youtube? Ask your kids.

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> It will  take someone outside of the jazz world to get this boulder 
> rolling
> back  into the consciousness of mainstream America because jazz is not as
> popular in mainstream America as we think it is or would like it to  be
> Considering the job ahead, promoting jazz to the mainstream America,  you
> probably need a village...its too big a job for one person to tackle. 
> Could  be
> we need an icon for each generation:
> Larry King for "seniors"
> Bill Clinton for "boomers"
> Spike Lee for "gen xers"
> Leonardo DeCapria for "everyone"
> Somewhere along the way we dropped the torch..it will take a lot of light,
> from many sources to rekindle the fire......
> staying tuned,
> reebs
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