[JPL] Wynton/ ABC "This Week

Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 4 23:34:14 EST 2007

Connick, Cosby, Larry King, Eastwood, Hancock, Eddie Murphy, Harrrelson
Reeves, Gladys Knight....fine people all.  I'm scratching my head and thinking
why? Aren't these the faces of an aging generation -- essentially the same as
"today's" jazz generation -- and wouldn't they just be preaching to the 

What about someone young?  And I say this not as a "young" person,
lawdy, I wish I was.  Shouldn't we be looking for new and younger "converts"?
We talk about trying to reach those younger audiences all the time as being
essential to the future of jazz.

Wouldn't a younger face put a new spin on the quest for keeping jazz alive?
Peer to peer rejuvenation, not always survival mode?

Maurice Hogue
CKUW Winnipeg

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