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Connick,  Cosby, Larry King, Eastwood, Hancock, Eddie Murphy, Harrrelson
Reeves,  Gladys Knight....fine people all.  I'm scratching my head and  
why? Aren't these the faces of an aging generation -- essentially  the same as
"today's" jazz generation -- and wouldn't they just be  preaching to the 

What about someone young?  And I  say this not as a "young" person,
lawdy, I wish I was.  Shouldn't we  be looking for new and younger "converts"?

Connick certainly has a broad appeal, he's a 'tweener, in terms of  
generations, some of whom know him for his acting rather than his musical  skills. And 
Eddie Murphy, though he's no youngster, is well-enough known to  multiple 
generations that he would have credibility. I echo the suggestion of  Laurence 
This is a bit academic, anyway, isn't it? I mean, who is going to nominate  
this spokesperson to the media at large? S/he will evolve with the times, a  
process of selection as the media cast about for someone with the charisma and  
knowledge necessary to hold the seat.
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