[JPL] KRFC FtCollins Playlist: "MtnStdsTime' 03-04-07

Al Karia jctrane at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 09:19:02 EST 2007

Playlist for 'Mountain Standards Time', March 4, 2007 on KRFCfm, Community
Radio in Ft Collins, Colorado.
We're celebrating the  4th 'anniversary' of our existence this week and
basking in the strides made in the quality of
physical plant, technical equipment, and on-air product. More than 300
community volunteers (along with a paid staff of 5) are directly involved,
on an ongoing basis, with keeping the station up and running.
CDs for airplay consideration always welcome and appreciated
       Gene Abkarian
       KRFC Radio
       619 S College Ave   #4
       Ft Collins, CO  80524

   (tunes arranged by playsets: * =new)


RED GARLAND/LazyMae/DigIt/Prestige  (theme)
BRAD LEALI JazzOrch/SpecialK/MariaJuarez/TCB Records  *
NELSON HINDS Group/titletrack/Streamin'/self  *

WAYNE WALLACE/TuneUp/RecklessForBeauty/Patois  *
BOBBY SHEW/BossaDeVerco/CancaosDoAmor/Torii * b.3/4/1941

JAY LEONHART/IDidn'tKnowWhatTimeItWas/Rogers&Leonhart/SonsOfSound
JOHN FEDCHOCK NY BigBand/ComeSunday/NoNonsense/Reservoir
JIMMY WITHERSPOON/BigFineGirl/ClassicsSampler/Fantasy

NATE NAJAR 3/InutilPassagiem/I'mAllSmiles/BLM  *
NATHAN EKLUND Group/AllTheThingsYouAre/CrookedLine/JazzExcursion  *


PAT LaBARBERA/titletrack/CrossingTheLine/JazzCompass  *
GARY BURTON-PAUL BLEY Duo/Carla/RightTime-RightPlace/GNPCrescendo

SONNY ROLLINS/WillYouStillBeMine/FreedomSuite/Riverside
CLAYTON-HAMILTON JazzOrch/EternalTriangle/LiveAtMCG/MCG

AL HERMANN-CARL FONTANA/StellaByStarlight/JazzTrombone/SeaBreeze
LOU LEVY/Tiny'sOtherPlace/ClassicSampler/Fantasy  b. 3/5/1928
NELSON HINDS Group/HollywoodBlues/Streamin'/self  *

GRANT STEWART/titletrack/InTheStillOfNight/SharpNine  *
BUD POWELL/NoProblem/ParisianThoroughfares/Pablo
VINCE SENARI/OrganBugaloo/StreetTalk/Senful

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