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Great independent film about Hip Hop

Beyond Beats & Rhymes

Filmmaker Byron Hurt, a life-long hip-hop fan, was watching rap music videos
on BET when he realized that each video was nearly identical. Guys in fancy
cars threw money at the camera while scantily clad women danced in the
background. As he discovered how stereotypical rap videos had become, Hurt,
a former college quarterback turned activist, decided to make a film about
the gender politics of hip-hop, the music and the culture that he grew up
with. ³The more I grew and the more I learned about sexism and violence and
homophobia, the more those lyrics became unacceptable to me,² he says. ³And
I began to become more conflicted about the music that I loved.² The result
is HIP-HOP: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, a riveting documentary that tackles
issues of masculinity, sexism, violence and homophobia in today¹s hip-hop


According to an AP article in today's Seattle Times, "rap music is
struggling with an alarming sales decline and growing criticism from
within about the culture's negative effect on society."    Rapper Nas
has titled his latest album "Hip-Hop is Dead"  and although music sales
are down overall, rap sales slid 21% from 2005 to 2006.

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