[JPL] Re: Milwaukee loses both jazz stations

Laffinred at aol.com Laffinred at aol.com
Mon Mar 5 16:59:37 EST 2007

It's smooth jazz(pop instrumentals) and adult (R&B vocals) ...what is being 
aired is not really a music genre as much as a life style. A lifestyle aimed at 
garnering as many ad dollars as possible; therefore, the music must be 
pleasing to the masses, non challenging i.e. not too many notes, thirty seconds and 
then the hook, no improvising, length of tune not to exceed 3.30 minutes.

When the format was contemporary jazz/fusion focused in the early years, 
these stations made you sit up and listen. Many were independently owned and 
programmed by mavericks. Unfortunately, so much is riding on the bottom line, 
absolutely no risk is the order of the day. Music is audience tested endlessly and 
the folks in charge, program by the numbers or face job loss if directives 
aren't followed. It's probably time to try something different, it will be 
interesting to see what happens in Milwaukee.

staying tuned,

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