[JPL] Re: Milwaukee loses both jazz stations

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My friend and I were bemoaning the fact that fewer adults are listening 
to music anymore..most listen to talk radio whenever possible...I 
believe this is a phenomenon of 9/11, followed by our march into 
Iraq....folks have been put on orange alert, told to duck tape windows, 
they've probed at airports etc..how can they not turn on the news talk 
radio and stay informed...ya never know when the next rumor and/, or 
threat will come along. Here's hoping the day is near when listeners 
will tire of the threats, take a deep cleansing breath and once again 
enjoy the music....

always staying tuned,

Rebecca Risman
Laughing Redhead Productions
310 453 7776 (tel)
310 4539519 (fax)

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<<..When the format was contemporary jazz/fusion focused in the  early 
these stations made you sit up and listen. Many were  independently 
owned and
programmed by mavericks. Unfortunately, so much is  riding on the 
absolutely no risk is the order of the day.  Music is audience tested
endlessly and
the folks in charge, program by the  numbers or face job loss if 
aren't  followed..>>

That is one reason why the survival of public radio stations is so
important. Sadly, however, there is a noticeable movement towards talk 


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