[JPL] About Reeb's comment on less listening

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Mon Mar 5 18:57:16 EST 2007

Reebs wrote <<< My friend and I were bemoaning the fact that fewer adults
are listening
to music anymore..most listen to talk radio whenever possible...I
believe this is a phenomenon of 9/11, followed by our march into
Iraq....folks have been put on orange alert, told to duck tape windows,
they've probed at airports etc..how can they not turn on the news talk
radio and stay informed >>>

This is very true, I have maybe 6 or 7 close friends that like me are life
long fellow music lovers and collectors since our high schools. They have
stopped listening to music on the radio, no longer go to concerts or follow
any kind of music. Except for one, they all got rid of their extensive music
collection as well. One of them did it for religious reasons as he is a
member of one of the apocalyptic faiths that belive the end of the
world-armageddon is near, but the others just don't care about music
anymore. I even know a veteran radio man who has lost his interest in music,
donated his collection to the radio station he was involved with and now as
a convert(always the most zealot) urges the station he sits on the board for
to eliminate music and go to talk and news. Now if these hard core music
fans are giving up listening to music then Reebs observation is even more
common than we might know. This might explain why for the first time in the
22 year old history of jazz89KUVO we decided to add another day to our
Winter Membership Drive as we are a bit short of meeting our goals, so
tomorrow Tuesday we will have one more day of membership drive instead of
closing it out today, the price one must pay to go against the grain and
remain a full-time jazz outlet.


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